How much does the instrument cost?

  • After we outlined your specific application you will get a quotation for a instrument configuration that matches your request best.


What is the delivery time?

  • Delivery time is dependent on location, normally taking place within 3 months of the sale. We will endeavor to have the instrument delivered to you and ready to use in the shortest possible time.

Will a technician perform installation of the instrument?

  • Yes. Installation will be performed by an experienced technician on delivery. Installation costs are usualy included in the cost of the instrument for sales within Germany, however an additional cost will applied for sales outside Germany.


Is there a warranty? How long is it for? What does it cover?

  • The warranyt includes a 12 month (1 year) warranty, covering all mechanical and electrical components (consumables not included). This warranty can be extended for an additional cost.


Is it possible to keep my samples cool throughout the experiment? What about heating?

  • Yes. Platform temperature control (cooling and/or heating modules for source plate and/or substrate trays) are available as an option.

What options are available?

  • Platform temperature control (cooling and/or heating modules are available for source plate and/or substrate trays
  • System liquid control module (monitors system liquid consumption and alerts user when attention is required)
  • SMS notification (to inform user of experiment run status)
  • Remote video monitoring (a surveillance system allowing visualization of the instrument from a remote location)
  • Air humidity controll (for assistance in the creation of an optimal operation environment)
  • HEPA filter systems sourced enclosure (for reducing contamination possibilities)