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About Us

About Us

We will provide you with the perfect tailored solution to your automation needs, when you choose to share in the benefits of our experience and expertise in biotechnology engineering, development and applications.

Based in Berlin and changing the world of automation since 2003, M2-Automation has always been customer driven. Our highly flexible personalised approach means that your needs will be fully met, and when you partner the needs of your project with our ideas and passion for technological innovation and solutions, we will cross new technological frontiers together, hand in hand.

Our products are designed, developed and assembled with expert skill and great care, and are made to provide unbeatable precision, which translates into consistently reliable results.

Our mission is to provide you with the perfect automation solution, and a customer service experience that is second to none. From idea conception to project completion, including after-care, we will be with you, every step of the way.

Let’s get inspired together. Let’s achieve great things.

Array Printservice
Array Printservice

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Development Highlights

  • 2003iONE Fastest belt driven XYZ high precision stage system on the market
  • 20032DDD 2 dimensional droplet detection imaging and tracking system
  • 2003JATS Jet Auto Tuning System and automatic micro-dispenser parametrization
  • 2004WaveShaper High voltage, high speed arbitrary wave form generator
  • 20043DDD 3 dimensional droplet detection imaging and tracking system
  • 2009Dual Jet technology Solenoid and piezo driven micro-dispenser, exchangeable in one instrument
  • 2011M2 Dispenser V1 Chemical, highly inert, solenoid driven nL micro-dispenser
  • 2012Permanent online degassing for the instrument system liquid
  • 2012Piercer Functionality; automatic well piercing for foil-protected source MTPs
  • 2012Array imaging Software module for target QC
  • 2013Multiple system liquid and system source selection e.g. H2O and Ethanol without changing connections
  • 2014M2 Dispenser V1 Chemical, highly inert, solenoid driven nL micro-dispenser with an accuracy of 2%
  • 2014Online droplet detection Head camera module that detects droplet ejection during sample deposition
  • 2015Z-Level-Sensor detection with an accuracy of better than 20µm and obstracle detection
  • 2016iSIX Series with Dual-Head contact and non-contact Printer

M2-Automation Technology & Innovation

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What Our Clients Say

The instrument (iTwo-400) was build according to our application requirements after constructive discussions with M2-Automation. Hands on training by M2 specialists was organised at commissioning and after a few months of operation, which was very useful to acquire quickly the necessary skills. The service is impeccable: quick answer to all our questions, and suitable suggestions. We are very happy that we bought our instrument at M2.

Prof. Dr. Ronnie Willaert: Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium

M2-Automation saved our robot storage system (other manufacturer) by providing a 2D imaging system to ensure that the robot does accurate positioning.

Olfert Landt: TIB Molbiol Syntheselabor GmbH Berlin, Germany

We selected our spotter system by quality, flexibility and ease of use. M2-Automation was the perfect choice and not only by the instruments they are offering. The M2 Team walks that extra mile for you whenever needed – just excellent!

Dr. Claudia Gärtner: microfluidic Chip Shop GmbH Jena, Germany

Martin Müller and his entire team at M2-Automation have supported us with excellent solutions during the initial setup of our first production prototypes all the way long to the implementation of a robust and efficient production facility with minimal maintenance demands. In the initial phase of our collaboration we benefited most from their enthusiastic passion to identify our specific requirements and the best comprise between perfect technical solutions and a reasonable budget to reach the targets. Over the last years, with a constant production running, their reliable and incredible short termed support as well as their creative solutions to bridge the sometimes unavoidable waiting times for spare parts has been of highest value for our company. If we could put „stars“ here for professionality, reliability, technical excellence and last but not least a trustful collaboration, it would be 5 of 5 stars and a clear recommendation. M2-Automation – please carry on like this!

Dr. Volker Heiser: Founder & General Manager of Chipron GmbH Berlin, Germany

We approached M24You GmbH, because we were looking for a non-contact spotter to produce custom DNA microarrays with spot sizes well below 100 µm in diameter. After discussing our specific application, we were provided with an individually customized iONE-600 automatic liquid handling system. This device is a very versatile tool, which offers literally hundreds of options that allow full customzation oft he liquid handling program. Learning to handle this device was greatly supported by the dedicated M2 customer support team, which provides immediate and individual assistance in technical issues. I would recommend M24You/ M2-Automation to researchers who need a solution specifically adapted for their individual needs and researchers who need a helping hand when taking their first steps in non-contact printing.

CBL, Dr. Michaela Haider: Head of research and development Linz, Austria

Wir arbeiten seit über 5 Jahren mit Dispensiergeräten der Firma M2-Automation für sehr unterschiedliche Anwendungen in den Bereichen Life Science, Veterinärmedizin und Umweltanalytik. Wir sind sowohl von der Qualität und Performance der Geräte begeistert als auch von dem schnellen und perfekten Service.

Dr. Harald Seitz: Fraunhofer IZI Potsdam-Golm, Germany

Customers and co-operation partners

HTW Berlin
Ruhr Uni Bochum
Microfluidic Chipshop
George Washington University